Passive Voice
Passive Voice

Simple: (Only Action)

Present Simple Passive Voice: am/ is/are + past participle verb.

  • I am cheated by Ravi.
  • He is cheated by his friends.
  • The story is created by us.

Past Simple Passive Voice: was/were + past participle verb.

  • I was cheated by Ravi.
  • He was cheated by his friends.
  • The letter were collected by the postman.

Future Simple Passive Voice: will + be + past participle verb.

  • Assignment will be done by me.
  • Seminar will be done by him.
  • Project work will be done by us.

Future in Past Simple Passive Voice: would + be + past participle verb.

  • The cake would be prepared by me.
  • The cake would be eaten by her.
  • The cake would be prepared by them.

Continuous Passive Voice:

Present Continuous Passive Voice : am/is/are + being + past participle verb.

  • The Cat is being fed by her.
  • The Dogs are being cared by him.

Past Continuous Passive Voice : was/were + being + past participle verb.

  • Puri was being eaten by Ravi.
  • Points were being plotted by Kathir.

Note : In passive voice doesn’t have the future and future in past form of sentence.

Perfect Passive Voice:

Present Perfect Passive Voice: have/has + Been + past participle verb.

  • The letter has been written.
  • The doors have been closed.

Past Perfect Passive Voice : had + been + past participle verb.

  • The song had been sung by them.
  • The letter had been written by me.

Future Perfect Passive Voice : will + Have + been + past participle verb.


  • The Clothes will have been washed by me.
  • The letter will have been written by me.

Future in Past Perfect Passive Voice : would+ have +been + past participle verb.

  • Teacher would have been punished.
  • The letter would have been written by me.

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